Specialists in world leading Zeiss lenses

Selection starts with your prescription, that’s why we take the time needed with eye examinations. Our practice is proud to be a ZEISS Specialist Lens Centre. The practice chooses lens products by ZEISS, a leader in precision optics since 1846.

Advances in spectacle lens manufacturing mean that today’s lenses can deliver greater quality of vision and more visual comfort than ever before, if they are accurately fitted. However, studies have shown as much as a 40% drop in performance from inaccurate alignment of lens to eye. Dispensing staff also utilize the ZEISS i.Terminal measuring instrument, which has the ability to measure and fit spectacle lenses to within 1/10mm accuracy. Precise measurements mean that you can better enjoy the full visual performance of your new spectacles - while experiencing maximum wearing comfort.

Our ZEISS i.Terminal allows us to measure our patients new spectacles five times more accurately than by hand and even allows for 3D measurement, critical to success with the latest customized lens designs.

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