Take comfort in our choice of contact lenses

Various contact lenses are available subject to consultation. The vast majority of lenses these days are soft lenses; however gas permeable lenses are also available.

There are many options including;

Daily disposables
Ideal for occasional wear, sports wear and they require no maintenance. You just wear them and throw them away at the end of the day.

Fortnightly and monthly lenses
Great if you wear your lenses more frequently. They need to be cleaned before and after use and stored in a special case with cleaning solution.

Toric options for those with astigmatism are available in all of the above options and multifocal options are also available.

As part of our consultation we can advise and fit the lenses that best meet your needs.

Should you be new to contact lenses or just need a refresher, our staff can use their expertise to show you how best to handle and care for your lenses.

Contact lens wearers will require regular eye examinations to reduce the risk of complications from eye infections.

We provide a payment scheme allowing our customers to pay monthly for their complete contact lens requirements.

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